0823   PhDone: A Professional Dissertation Editor's Guide

0823 PhDone: A Professional Dissertation Editor's Guide

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To Writing Your Doctoral Thesis and Earning Your PhD

Breaking down the doctoral journey step-by-step, offering invaluable tips and resources along the way, PhDone is an essential tool for any doctoral candidate. Dr. Roda and Dr. Saunders demystify what a successful dissertation entails, detailing how to formulate your abstract, write your introduction, research your topic, and build a literature review. In addition to outlining the technical components of a dissertation, PhDone provides recommendations for maintaining a schedule, establishing a productive workspace, and cultivating a work-life balance--integral to a successful PhD journey. Dr. Roda and Dr. Saunders share anecdotes and guidance on the many hurdles doctoral candidates face beyond writing the dissertation itself, including how to navigate dissertation committees, the potentially challenging advisor-advisee relationship, and more.       216 pages pb