About Us

The Publishers Prime Story

Jerry and Joleen Oordt   

31 years ago we left the corporate world to fulfill our dream of working together as a team. In our pursuit of the proper opportunity, we became fascinated with small press and their ability to highlight entrepreneurs who use small press to share their passion and specific expertise with others. We became passionate about bringing this information to libraries throughout the mountain and great plains states representing small press companies. 

Jump to the present.....

Publishers Prime - based on 31 years of experience with small press and library's needs - launched 4 years ago. Our goal is to offer individualized service to you, the Collection Development Librarian. Each publishing season we review the thousands of new releases offered by hundreds of small and independent presses.  We  review the catalogues you often do not have time to review and we select those titles which we feel are the very best for librarians to add to their collection.

We look forward to working with you!

Jerry and Joleen Oordt