Eat Right for Your Inflammation Type   New in Paperback

Eat Right for Your Inflammation Type New in Paperback

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The Three-Step Program to Strengthen Immunity, Heal Chronic Pain, and Boost Your Energy

This three-step plan to beat inflammation will help you identify your specific type, set your lifestyle up to avoid triggers, and cook tailored recipes designed to help you heal. Maggie Berghoff presents a personalized, accessible approach to fighting inflammation. Using thorough questionnaires to identify your specific ailments, Eat Right for Your Inflammation Type prescribes a targeted plan that will help you live free of the major types of inflammation, including those triggered by hormones, digestive issues, stress, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, and more. With easy tips for healing, eating, and detoxing, and featuring targeted lifestyle advice--including reframing your mindset and optimizing your personal environment--Berghoff offers the most up-to-date instructions for living your best and healthiest life based on your specific inflammation type.      336 pages